Washington State: Civil rights attorney and Democrat Lorena González is officially launching her campaign for the office of Washington State Attorney General in the 2020 elections.

As a Mexican-American and first generation immigrant from the Lower Yakima Valley, Lorena would be the first person of color to be the state’s top lawyer. 

Lorena delivered her announcement via video to voters across the state.

Raised in Central Washington by two migrant farmworkers from Mexico, Lorena became a civil rights attorney after witnessing, and experiencing firsthand, the abuses suffered by her fellow migrant farm workers.

She says:

“As a young girl, I heard the sirens of an ambulance pulling onto a farm where my family was working in Wenatchee. The orchard owner had brutally beat a worker for reportedly knocking too many leaves off a cherry tree as he picked its fruit. 

As the ambulance pulled away, I promised myself — if I ever get off these farms, I’m going to stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves. That orchard owner didn’t know it, but that day, he fueled my fire for justice and my passion to become an attorney.”

Lorena will continue the fight against federal government overreach and Constitutional violations as the next Attorney General.

She says:

“As Washington State’s top lawyer, I will lead the fight against White Nationalism and its links to domestic terrorism and violence, like what we’ve just seen in the tragic mass killings in El Paso, Texas. 

I’ll fight to stop gun violence and take on powerful interests like the NRA.

I’ll fight for economic justice, fairness and equity for workers by taking on wage theft and other workplace violations. 

I’ll fight for social justice – to protect everyone’s civil rights equally and prosecute discrimination of any kind.

I’ll fiercely protect our state’s progressive values in the face of brutal assaults from the Trump Administration, should he be re-elected. 

I’ll ensure Washington State will continue to lead the nation in protecting America’s rule of law. 

Whether it’s on behalf of immigrants like my parents, farmers hurt by shortsighted trade wars, or scammed seniors, I will be the people’s lawyer for all of Washington.” 

As a civil rights attorney at Gordon Thomas Honeywell, Lorena successfully sued the Brewster school district after a principal locked a group of Latino students inside a library, demeaned and insulted them, then said they were going to “end up working the orchards like [their] parents.”

While a partner at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender, the region’s largest plaintiff’s law firm, Lorena primarily represented workers in wage theft and anti-discrimination cases, as well as representing victims of police misconduct, and sexual abuse.

Lorena is now a second term at-large member of the Seattle City Council. While there, Lorena has focused on things that matter in people’s lives by passing legislation to help working families thrive, including banning anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy for minors, improving our public schools, ensuring paid family and medical leave for workers, and stabilizing hourly work schedules for minimum-wage workers. She’s taken on the tough issues, like police reform, funding a civil legal aid program for immigrants, and assistance for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. 

After high school in Grandview, Lorena graduated from Yakima Valley College before getting her business degree from WSU – Pullman. Her juris doctorate is from Seattle University School of Law. She is fluent in Spanish.